Thursday, February 25, 2010

Initiate by actions...

I have a lot of friends here Japan. I have many opportunities to share the Gospel with them too. I thank God that i am not hindered at all from doing this here.
However one thing that keeps getting in the way of this is language. Now I am not saying that since I cannot speak Japanese I am unable to share with them. On the contrary, I am able to share in more ways than merely verbally. However many of my friends here are only interested in having an American friend or from practicing their own limited English skills with me.
Because their English is also limited it makes having serious deep conversations about God, death, the purpose for our existence, kind of moot.
You can imagine some of the difficulties!
But God always gives me the opportunity to act like a Christian whether or not I can express verbally that I am a Christian. So I have been praying that others my see Christ's love through my actions as well as through my words.