Saturday, September 25, 2010

New Entry

Last week I deactivated my Facebook account rather on impulse but decided that it was probably one of the best decisions I have made recently. Now when I am tempted to sit in front of my computer for an inordinate amount of time... I don't. But, I still love Facebook. I just have to admit that being in my position it's not the best thing for me. I was letting too many things distract me from back home that shouldn't be distracting me.
Lately I have been trying to find new ways to stay closer to God. I remember that back in the states I really enjoyed just being around my friends and helping them when they needed something to be helped with. I also remember really enjoying receiving the help of them in return, which many of my friends were ready to do! That was one of the best ways that I was able to share Christ's love with people. Here in Japan I don't have as many opportunities like that because of cultural differences, however the opportunities are still there. I am praying that God opens my eyes to them and that the people are willing and grateful for my help.
Last week I got to go on a trip to Kagoshima for a fashion show at a department store there. It was busy and fun, in spite of my ankle hurting a bit because I had sprained it a couple of weeks ago. But the most memorable time for me was the train ride back. ON the train ride back my friend from the studio, Makiyama-san, sat next to me. As I pulled my Bible out to read it a bit she was surprised to actually see a Bible. She had never seen one to my understanding. So we had a conversation about God's word. The girls across the isle also took part in the conversation. I hope I communicated efficiently despite the fact that my Japanese is really bad!
Here's hoping for more opportunities like that on the train with Makiyama-san. It's not normal that I get people who are actually interested to talk about religious things with me.