Tuesday, August 10, 2010

I have to say that lately I have been complaining about my life being mundane over here. TI seems as if I am reliving the same cycle, both in relationships, and in my daily life.
In relationships I seem to cross paths with people who are immediately interested in me because I speak English and am from America. Then we make friends because of this fact, and then later, because the grounds for our friendship was so superficial for them, the relationship kind of dissipates. Not that I really want it to disappear or end. ON the contrary I love having friends. But sometimes that just happens.
Right now it is the summer vacation for many students. All of my university friends are either at their home towns or are traveling over seas. I'm hoping that the ones who are overseas with internships and homestay programs get with good people and make some strong connections. Perhaps they will be able to learn things overseas that I was not able to teach them over here. I would love it if they came back and reported these types of things to me.
In my daily life I have gotten a little lazy. Getting to bed late and waking up late. I confessed to my church this on Sunday. So I am going to try and make the most of my time. I'll admit that I have A LOT OF TIME over here. It's not a bad thing, but I really need to make the most of it.
Also, Thank God for my friend Takao. He is a kid that is about to graduate from University. Just going into his fourth year. He is really patient with me and my bad Japanese and always trying to cheer me up if he thinks that I am feeling down. He is a blessing. So say a prayer of blessing for Takao if you read this. You pronounce his name "Ta cow" like "Ta-" plus the animal.

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