Friday, October 1, 2010


Trying to learn Japanese is like trying to exercise a muscle that I have never used before, let alone even knew I had. And trying to speak Japanese is like trying to use that muscle for the first time.
I have motivation to learn the language because I do love communicating with people and I enjoy conversation. I want to have coherent conversations with my Japanese friends and potential new friends!
So recently I sent in my application for the Japanese Language Proficiency Test (JLPT). It will take place on December 5th. I am not looking forward to it. Nor do I feel prepared. The test is held at five different levels; N5-N1, N1 being the most difficult and N5 being the easiest. I signed up for N4. But after recently purchasing some test prep. books I am feeling like maybe I am not ready for even the N4. I saw some pre-tests for N5 and decided that that test was far to easy. I am somewhere in-between N5 and N4 as far as proficiency is concerned.
So I have two months to radically improve my Japanese grammar and vocabulary and Kanji knowledge.
I it will take God pouring knowledge directly into my brain for me to actually do well I feel. But nothing is impossible, right?
This is a personal challenge. The IMB doesn't require this test. But i knew that if I did not have a challenge in front of me, like this test, that I would never get further in my language comprehension.


  1. I think a challenge is a good thing! If it's too easy then tyou won't have a sense of accomplishment when its done!! But I understand about the unused muscle! I'm still slowly learning Japanese as well and even though its fun, it's very hard to master! But I'll be praying for you and your brain!!! :-)
    Katelyn Cordell

  2. Eek, its coming up, but I'll keep you in my prayers that you do well!